Over the last eight years, I've not only gained a relatively extensive skill set but also a high amount of passion for what I do. It is only because of this that every project I have produced to date has been of a high caliber. I'm a competent back-end developer with my skills lying particularly in languages such as PHP, Golang, and Javascript (NodeJS). However, I can still competently complete any front-end (HTML/CSS/JS) task should the situation require it (mobile apps included). As well as this, I'm also able to utilize a selection of different frameworks (React and Vue) to better complete the endeavor and have plenty of experience in doing so. Along with the various programming skills I possess, I’m more than qualified as a system administrator. I have had experience of building networks of all types to large scales and have certainly demonstrated such when working with a selection of “hosting” companies. My experience and extensive skill-set has also been put to use heavily within industry, the freelance community and perhaps most significantly, within the Open Source community, where I am a regular contributor to many repositories. Contact me today for a reasonable quote on your next project or task, whatever it may be.

[email protected]



Recent Projects

Limitrr PHP

A PHP rate limiting library utilizing Redis.


Work in progress

Peer to peer decentralized chat app.

Most of my other public works can be found on my GitHub profile.